RM5 Cross Over Prefix (PW/PW) 6th, 7th Series

A Cross Over Prefix between :
  • Last Prefix 6th Series, Jaffar (Only start with PW0XXXXXX) and
  • 1st Prefix 7th Series, Ahmad Don (PWXXXXXXX)

Hampir 4 bulan mencari baru dpt. PW Ahmad Don sangat common, try looking for PW Jaffar in UNC condition and you'd be surprised. Antara scarce item selepas NK (last prefix - the very 1st variety of 3 for 6th series). Both UNC. $impanKema$

1 comment:

  1. kalau tengok result mns auction yang dulu2, PW unc pair ni jual bawah 200 jer time tu. tapi tu lah, dulu2.....